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The Failure of the ‘Quick Fix’

Oft-times it seems that Life is made in the form of a problem waiting for a solution or ‘fix’. Agriculture becomes a problem whenever the soil becomes infertile and crop production declines. This decline occurs when the soil is tilled and its humus content oxidized. After ten thousand years of tilling virtually all the arable land world-wide, the soils have became seriously infertile. The first major ‘fix’ to this problem was a chemical one but while it boosted yields the soil’s inherent fertility was diminished. Alarmed by the realization that chemical agriculture ultimately results in soil collapse, where additional inorganic fertilization no longer have an effect, organic agriculture arose. It has proved to be a valiant attempt in bringing the inherent fertility of soil back to life but it is only a partial restoration of damaged soil. Unless organic agriculture adopts a practice of non-tillage, full soil restoration can never occur as it does not address the root cause of soil decline which is over-aerification via tilling.

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